What is a Condominium?

"Condominium" is a legal term denoting a form of ownership and is not an architectural type.

Condominium or Hotel?

Many Hawaii travellers want a traditional hotel and do not want to see a kitchen. A hotel is the perfect choice. However, many travellers are families with children or are staying for 7 nights or longer. These travellers require accommodation configurations that are just not found in the traditional hotel room. Some vacationers may want to have the option to "eat in" when the mood strikes and not have to eat at what they consider "expensive" restaurants. A condominium is the perfect choice.

Condominiums are usually 500-800 square feet for a one-bedroom unit and 800-1400 square feet for a two-bedroom unit - a spaciousness not often found in hotels. Condominium complexes offer comforts and amenities of "penthouse-apartments" with many 'hotel' amenities, such as pools, restaurants, tennis courts, etc.

You'll notice that some of the complexes have weekly or monthly discounts, and many properties offer "unit rates" with no additional charge being made for extra persons. With this in mind, condominiums become particularly attractive pricewise. Also, family rates (no charge for children under 18 or 12) are available at many complexes.

The image that many travellers have of a condominium as an apartment house is definitely out-dated. Most condominiums are much more akin to fully equipped homes, in a tropical setting, with resort-type features.

Condominium complexes can be grouped into three general architectural types: (1) the high-rise (eight stories and up), (2) the low-rise (less than eight stories), and (3) the one and two-story buildings with two to four units per building.

Each of these architectural types offers different advantages. The high rise generally can be considered more "active," often with excellent views, often with large lobbies, shops and restaurants on the ground floor and often with sun decks and swimming pools on the roofs.

The low rise generally can be considered to be less active due to the fewer number of units in such a complex as compared to the high rise. There often is a greater opportunity for people to get to know one another. Much of the same atmosphere and amenities of a high rise building, however, are still available for those low rise buildings with a larger number of units.

The multi-unit duplex, triplex, and quadplex facility is generally very low key, often spread about on spacious grounds, and offers a higher degree of privacy. Many of the resort-type amenities will be centrally located in this type of facility. Due to the dispersed nature of such complexes, the issue of location - ocean front, ocean view, etc. - is a consideration. The garden atmosphere of these complexes can be a real plus as well.

All architectural types offer an array of advantages and can allow you to suggest alternative facility layouts which can be suited to your tastes, needs, personal desires and lifestyles.

Maid Service

All of the hotels offer daily maid service. In most instances, the condominiums include maid service similar to what is offered in hotels. Kitchen cleanup, i.e., dishwashing, etc., is not included, however. The frequency of the maid service does vary from daily to every other day to every third day to once a week to check-out only. Maid service frequency and availability is subject to change.

All condominium units include full linens and all have laundry facilities either in the units themselves or in central laundry rooms. Linen changes are generally in accordance with the maid service policy and length of stay. All units are clean upon arrival and are expected to be maintained with care during your stay. Remember that the units are individually owned and are personally maintained and cared for.

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