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Hawaii Connection®

Hawaii Connection offers over 125 hotels, condos and suites in Hawaii at all price levels. Hawaii Connection only offers lodging and rental cars in Hawaii. Our staff of experts has been helping people with their Hawaii vacations since 1978. Whether you are looking to visit Hawaii for a family vacation, a honeymoon or a quiet getaway, we have something for everybody in all price ranges.

If you would like to search by price, please use our online pricing wizard. This innovative feature allows you to search our availability database by Island and Price.

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Big Island of HawaiiKauai

What makes us different from other companies?
We really know our product. One of our secrets for success is that we know that the price of a property sometimes has no relation to the quality of the property.

We determine the value of each property by the price and quality combined with our past experience with the hotel service levels, problem resolution and product consistency over time. In short, we try to make sure that each property we represent is a problem-free property. We want your vacation to be a positive, enjoyable experience.

What is a value?

A value in Hawaii lodging is receiving the most value for the price you are spending.

Why should you trust us that we know what we are selling?

Simple. Our staff is composed of Hawaii experts who have visited the Hawaii properties for many years. (The person who wrote this web page has been to Hawaii so many times that he no longer counts.) We work with over a dozen different major Hawaii management companies as well as over 25 independent hotels and condominiums. Our wide selection is sold in a non-preferential manner. Our people are compensated the same no matter which property you select. Why is this important? Many companies have incentives for selling certain properties. What is best for the person selling may not be best for you.

The staff at Hawaii Connection want you to have an enjoyable vacation. We thank you for visiting our web site.

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